The Shift
Empowering the Shift of Self and of Well-being, using reflection, meditation, and Young Living's essential oils.
Date: Saturday, April 22/17
Time: 10AM - Noon
Location: The Cabin, at The Gathering Place, Harley Ontario
There is seating in the Cabin for 7.

We will begin with a Smudge, using Young Living's essential oils, and have a conversation about a Shift of Self and of Well-being.
Weather permitting, you may walk the yard paths, contemplating the discussions and your Sacred Journey.

Also available: Reflection Sessions: $donation
- Reflection Card Reading

- Meditation Tent with Diffused essential oils
- debriefing, following the meditation, if you wish
Reflection Sessions may be booked prior to or following the Shift event.
: the Reflection Session is FREE when you place your first order with Young Living and purchase the Premium Starter Kit.
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie