What is "The Shift"?
It is the Shift in our lives caused by new knowledge, new experiences, new goals, new challenges, and those "curveballs" that life throws at us.
As we walk our paths of wellness and abundance, we are, or should be, reflecting on our life on a continual basis and making conscious choices that move us forward along our path and that empower us and support our journey - regardless of the situation.
Our lives are continually shifting, in ways that we want, in ways that we expect, and in ways that surprise and sometimes shock us. Here, at The Shift, it is all about awareness and making conscious choices to enhance and empower our wellness and abundance!

I’m excited to be part of your journey.
~ MsDebbieP (Debbie Pribele, Spiritual Seeker)

P.S. Although I have had many blogs and websites over the years, this site is new and is built upon the knowledge and Wisdom that I have been provided over the years, through my almost 60 years of “shifting". I will be adding to this site little by little, piece by piece, shift by shift - one stepping stone at a time. Check in regularly for updates and new pebbles of insight and motivation!

About Me
My name is Debbie Pribele and I am an educator and healer by Nature. I love helping people make the Shift to getting toxins out of their lives - out of their home, body, mind, & Spirit, using reflection and Young Living’s Wellness Products, and to being an empowered, awakened being!