What are your bandages? Is it time to rip them off?
Our ego self learns from our life experiences and, in an effort to protect us, puts bandages on our heart, soul, mind, and body. Fears? They are bandages. Self-labels? They are bandages. Feelings of unworthiness? Bandages. Procrastinating? Bandages. Addictions to anything, physically or emotionally? Bandages. … and the list goes on.
Many of our bandages are based on a past situation that may or may not have even been as we remember it or as we interpreted it at the time. Some bandages were applied for valid reasons - at that time - to protect us against some factor in our lives. BUT, today, it doesn’t still apply to our lives but we cling to the bandage because of how it had protected us long ago. Some bandages are labels that others have given to us or we have put on ourselves. These labels can be negative, such as being a behaviour problem and they can also be positive, such as go-getter. When these labels create an image of self that puts you in a box, they limit the potential.
Perhaps it is time to rip off that bandage and support the healing process. Maybe it is time to remove the barriers to finding your true Self, your Spiritual Self, and your Sacred Path. Is there more to who you are? Is there more in life that you have to offer than what those bandages allow?
What are your bandages? Is it time to rip them off? Is it time to do the work of identifying the protectors that are no longer helpful and are, in fact, blocking your true path? Something to reflect on!

[Facebook Live Video: rip off the bandaids]
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie