Listen to the voice; find your voice; nurture your voice …
Today, things really came together and it was like getting one surprise after another. I don’t know where to best start for today’s story as the pieces all seem to wrap in amongst themselves. I guess I’ll start with Facebook and the memory that popped up from 7 years ago! Apparently, I had written some Wisdom all those years ago that would pop up today, at the perfect time, to support my journey this week. Little did I know that what I wrote was going to be a powerful message to myself.
My Wisdom, posted 7 years ago, was: “from the Great Mystery, comes a tiny light of a possibility and if we are paying attention, we can grab hold of that idea, dream it, envision it, nurture it, and make it happen." Wow! The Wisdom itself is powerful but when you look at all the tiny lights of possibilities that have been coming to me this past week and how I have been reflecting on them and nurturing them, AND that I wrote this 7 years ago and it pops up today, well, it’s a crazy ride!
After reading this Wisdom and smiling, I took out my Reflection Cards and they, too, held a message for me. At first, I was looking at each card and each message individually but then the cards’ Wisdom hit me: when I bring family (my number one priority, always) with financial abundance (which opens the doorway to learning the Truth, living the Truth, and sharing the Truth) and with the awareness of ego self and Spiritual Self, empowerment and opportunity happens, allowing creative thinking and Wisdom to flow. And that is what is happening in my life right now. In fact, last night, after just four hours of sleep, I woke up and the neurons in my brain were firing like crazy and I was bombarded with idea after idea after idea. And I let it flow … for the next three hours or so!
The messages are a reminder that when we are off our path in one way or another that our heart, mind, and Spirit have to focus on that path that we are walking and that that limits the intuition, the creativity, and the openness that we have to see, envision, empower the possibilities of our Sacred Path.
Find the balance; take care of the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, and Social areas of one’s life (or as the Oola Guys say: Family, Faith, Friends, Field, Finance, Fitness, and Fun) and THEN your path will unfold faster and more amazing than you can imagine!
Young Living Essential Oils: Oola Family; Oola Finance; Transformation; Envision
[Facebook Live Video: finding your voice]
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie