Reflection Gatherings
Join me at The Gathering Place, in Harley Ontario, for a Reflection Card reading, time in the Meditation Tent, and a follow-up Reflection Session in The Cabin. You may also walk the natural garden space for further reflection and connecting with Nature.

Sessions: $donation
  • Ceremonial Tea, made with Young Living’s essential oils
  • Reflection Card Reading with Essential Oils
  • Time in the Meditation Tent that is infused with Young Living’s Essential Oil from the reading
  • Reflection Debriefing in The Cabin, as we share our insights and perspectives about the session
  • Free time to walk the yard, for further reflection and connection with Nature in all its glory

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The Meditation Tent
(with Diffuser with Young Living essential oils)

The Cabin

The Cabin is built from lumber, windows, and a door from my Great-Grandfather’s farm. There is seating for 7, a Quebec wood stove for the winter months (received from my Aunt), and a Meditation wheel which contains an Eagle feather, gifted to me by an Elder. Over the years, and including the history shared and passed down from my ancestors, the Cabin has become a Sacred Space, perfect for reflection, meditation, healing, and empowerment.
I look forward to sharing this amazing space with you during a Reflection Session.
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie