The Shift is about finding and walking a new wellness lifestyle and how wonderful that is; “but" when we move into something new, we are moving away from something else, something that has been familiar to us, something that has been who we are. This shift means that the old us is dying and that brings a grieving process.
As we know, people grieve in a variety of ways and this is no different when we are talking about personal changes and letting go of old habits, beliefs, and ways of being. Awareness of the possibility of a grieving process gives us power over it, as we can pay attention for signs that we are not letting go of the old or we are clinging to the emotional pains of letting go.
We are human beings and part of the human journey is having and experiencing a variety of emotions. We need to embrace this as part of our Wellness Lifestyle and experiences the sadness and fears of the Shift as well as the joys of change. The caution comes with crossing the line between healthy emotions and getting caught in the trap of the emotions and letting them block you from truly making the Shift to the next step of your journey. Recognizing the emotions and the layers of healing that need to be addressed is part of that journey of Wellness and vital to living in the moment, fully engaged in the Path you are walking.
Young Living’s essential oil blend “Grounding" helps our body, mind, and Spirit, recognize and release the emotional bondages to the past that may be part of The Shift journey and part of the grieving process of saying goodbye to the old you.

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~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie