What are you cleaning with? And where does it go when you use it?
For our Shift, in getting toxins out of our homes, our bodies, our minds, and our Spirits, we really need to be looking at the cleaning products that we use. The amount of toxins that are in standard, store-bought, cleaners is, well, to be honest - mind-boggling! Why we would intentionally put these into our homes and into our systems (our body's as well as the planet’s) is crazy. And yet we do - because that is what we have known. That is what we have believed is important - for the health of our family!
The toxic chemicals that are in these cleaning products affect our physical health, our immune systems, our hormones, our reproductive systems, our development, and our brain health, and the list goes on! Just as we really have no idea what vitamins are doing inside our body to support our health, we also really don’t know what the toxins are doing, until it is too late.
So right now... this moment, is as close to not being too late as you can possibly make it. Right now, this moment, is the best time to make a Shift. Toxins out, nature in.
Young Living’s household cleaner is all plant-based and, not only does it do an amazing job at cleaning (from windows, to toilets, to kitchens, to more) but, because of the ingredients, the essential oils, the product is actually beneficial. The essential oils support our bodies in doing what they are intended to do: take care of us! The THIEVES cleaner uses organic and biodegradable materials, is a natural mold cleaner and killer, fights household germs without harming your health!

Take a moment to check your cupboards for your cleaning products. Do the products have the toxic symbol on them? Are you told to wear gloves and a mask? Have you read the warnings? How many of your current cleaners can you never have to purchase again, simply by replacing them all with this natural product? Air fresheners? Kitchen cleaners? Bathroom cleaners? Shower cleaners? Toilet cleaners? Floor cleaners? Glass cleaner? Stain remover? Oven cleaner? Carpet cleaner? And?

My Wow Story
Last fall, the inside of my car’s windshield was so grimy that it was starting to be a challenge to see through it. I grabbed the Young Living Thieves Cleaner and sprayed the window, cleaned it using a paper napkin that was in the car and then wiped it off with a cloth and just water. I was SO surprised at how sparkly clean that the window was, well, I was hooked! It was so quick, so easy, so effective — and, the bonus: so healthy!

Toxins Out; Nature In

~ Debbie Pribele