I, I, I … me, me, me; the “me" that I am, that I was, that I can be, and that I will be.
All those versions started with “The Inner Child", the core of who I am, without the contamination of life, of interpretations, and the ego voice.
Young Living’s beautiful essential oil blend, “Inner Child", for me, is an extraordinary supplement to meditation. It helps clear away the “blahh" and take us to the purity, the potential, and the joy of childhood, before life started to distort things. Of course, it also fantastic to just use whenever - whenever you need that little boost of “kick your butt and refocus".
Check out the oils used in this blend: citrus, Ylang yang, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Spruce, Neroli. This is one powerhouse of an oil blend! (And, who doesn’t LOVE jasmine??!!!!)
Today is a perfect day for your INNER CHILD to shine!
Here’s to your “WELLNESS", everyone!