when life gives you lemons ….
… make lemonade or essential oils!

I love this time of year! After a year of waiting, my Meyer lemon tree’s lemons are ready for harvesting. Here I am in Canada with my very own fresh lemons, picked right from the tree! Talk about FRESH! Now if only I could do the testing that Young Living does to know when to pick my lemons at the peek of their therapeutic quality. Thank goodness I have some of Young Living’s essential oil to supplement my freshly picked, organic lemon!

Young Living’s description of their essential oils: "Experience Wellness in Body & Soul • BODY: Lemon can help to reduce the symptoms of a cold and cough. • SOUL: Uplift your soul with this citrus oil that is an instant pick-me-up."
What a great way to start my day!!! Thank-you Young Living AND my Meyer lemon tree.

May your day be filled with LEMONADE!