This moment is all we have — oops, that moment is gone, now THIS moment is all we have; that one’s gone now, as well. Living in the moment is about THIS moment - not the past, not the future.
I remember reading a book that used the scenario of making a cup of tea to explain “living in the moment". Picture yourself making a cup of tea. “What are you doing", someone asks. “Making a cup of tea," you respond. But actually you are perhaps getting a cup out of the cupboard, or opening a box to pull out a tea bag; or maybe you are tilting a tea kettle to let the hot water flow into a cup. Each step is the “what are you doing". Consider yourself going to answer a knock at the door. What are you doing? You are moving one foot in front of the other, moving towards the door. That is what you are doing “in the moment". AND — each of those actions are Sacred. Each of those “doings" are a component of your experience as a human being on this earth, a part of your Sacred Path. Now, that, perhaps seems a little too simplified or is stretching it, but it gives us something to reflect on, to help us focus on the “now".
I recently made a Facebook Live video, sharing my "in the moment" challenge of living in the moment. In it, I talked about the difference between visualization and goal planning (both important components of living a life full of potential and abundance) and getting caught up in the emotions attached to the plans or ideas. When we get entangled in the emotions and in the visualized situation, we risk forgetting to live THIS moment and perhaps risk the possibility of grieving and sorrow when the envisioned expectation doesn’t play out as planned.
When we attach our “selves" to a past experience or to something that we expect to happen in the future, we are attaching a piece of ourself to that vision, leaving bits of pieces of self here and there. When we do that, as you can see, we have less of “self" in the present, to live the present, to experience the present, to appreciate the present, to learn from the present, and to give to the present.
How can I be the best that I can be, give the best that I can give, give my Self, my Spiritual Self, to this moment, to what I am doing? That is what living in the moment is all about: being our complete Self, right now.
[Facebook Live Video: excitement and fears without losing this moment; and a follow-up video]
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie