March 22, 2017
I’m so excited - yesterday, my Meditation Tent arrived! Ok, so it is really a portable privy or change room, but, for me, it is a Meditation Tent.
What is a Meditation Tent? It is a small enclosed space (a tent) in which I run a diffuser with Young Living’s essential oils and sit and reflect on my Reflection Cards and listen to my Spiritual and ego voices.
Reflection Cards? What are those? Well… I’m also so excited about this! I have created a number of cards that depict some of Young Living’s essential oils (such as “Abundance", “Release", and “Magnify Your Purpose") and I use these as a card reading or just as thoughts to reflect upon. The card messages, along with the Young Living oils, used aromatically and topically, work with my brain and my body at a cellular level, to support my journey of reflection.
In the past, I have used “Inner Child" or “Grounding", for example, and have had the most extraordinary Vision Walks.
And how do I use these tools?
I start with my reflection cards: I choose four, using the method that I was taught, to look at opportunities and possibilities, trust and faith, intuition and action, and learning, growth and Wisdom. Next, I use the Reflection book to accompany the cards, to identify the messages of the day.
One or more of the oils mentioned in the cards are then applied to one more of the Chakra areas and one is then chosen to go into the diffuser.
I set the diffuser up in the Meditation Tent and for the next while I sit and reflect on the messages, listening to my ego self (that voice of humanity that uses past experiences to set up perceived protective thoughts... but that’s another story) and to my Spiritual Self, the inner, unadulterated Sacred Self.
And how can YOU use these tools?
Send me a message and we can arrange a time do a reading and to set up the Meditation Tent for you. Sessions are for $donations and when you start your journey with Young Living by purchasing a Starter Kit, you get your session for free!! MORE ABOUT REFLECTION SESSIONS
[Facebook Live Video: check out my Meditation Tent]
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie