Reflections From Nature
“Reflecting" is the word of the day, or week, or month, or Sacred Path, for me and this afternoon I took my camera out to connect with nature and to see what Wisdom I would discover.
My first stop was at my dwarf evergreen tree which is a reminder of genetic make-up. Man has messed around with the genetics of this tree, to keep it small in size, as you can see in the lower part of the tree. But the true genetics has come through and part of the tree is reaching to the sky, reminding us that we really aren’t in control. Now, I have to say that I really don’t know whether that is actually what is happening, but this is about the messages, the reflections, and the Wisdom that surrounds us, if we choose to look. I chose to look and the message I received was that man’s interventions cannot win over Mother Nature. We may destroy and mutate in the short-term but eventually, Nature will come through with rebirth.

My next stop was at “the rock" and the moss that has attached itself over the years. Many photographers and gardeners would clean up this little environment, removing the dead leaves and twigs and leaving just the beautiful mix of colours of red and greens - man’s perception of beauty and of nature. But that isn’t natural. Nature comes in all its beauty of the cycle of life, from the new, to the old, to the flawed, and to the decaying.
In our society, I see a shift happening as we reach out for more natural foods and a more natural lifestyle. The caution would be, based on this moment of reflection, is to allow ourselves the imperfections, to honour and respect the imperfections, and, even more so, to not see these imperfections as being imperfect at all but rather as “life itself". That is the journey - with all the challenges, all the stages of life, the so-called flaws, and the decay. To truly live a natural life, we can’t be hiding these less than “perfect" elements life but, rather, embrace them as part of living.

Next, at the remnants of the Grand Ol’ Lady (a magnificent maple tree that died several years ago), a honey bee came to visit. He sat on my fingers, my arms, my shirt and my hair and buzzed a message to me. “We share this environment, you and I. You care for me and I will care for you. We shall both contribute to the Greater Good in our own way."
Yes, my friend, I cannot live without you! Thank-you for taking the time to say hello.

Messages, lessons, and Wisdom are everywhere. All we have to do is pause, look, reflect and be open to what awaits. Listen to that inner voice. The Wisdom lies “with-in" and “with-out".
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie