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O, O, Omega3 - yes, Young Living has supplements!

Omega3: "Omega-3 fatty acids lower risks for heart disease and improve cholesterol. Omega-6 fatty acids enhance brain functions, assist with human development, stimulate hair growth, maintain bones and keep the reproductive system functioning normally, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Omega-9 fatty acids lower HDL, or "bad," cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels."

Well, that’s a lot of good support for the human body!! Our bodies are “self-healing" but they can only do their job with the help of the nutrients that we put into our system. We have to supplement our body’s natural processes.

Ingesting Omega3 is one thing but making it accessible for our body is another. For this to happen, you need Vitamin D3 and CoQ10. Guess what Young Living has included in its formula? You got it — everything you need to get the Omega3 into your system and doing its job in SUPPLEMENTING your body’s natural wellness systems.

Gotta love Young Living!!!