Reflection Card Readings
The Reflection Card Readings gives you thoughts to ponder as you work your way through Life Shifts. The Card Readings are an opportunity to look within, to reflect on your past, present, and future, and to identify steps that you can take today to stay on your path and reach your greatest potential.

Kerri: "your reading was beyond incredible. I was touched by it and it really resonated with exactly how I have been living my life as of late. Absolutely incredible!!! I am one who believes to my core that all in life happens for a reason - the journey we are all destined for - and it is just amazing how each direction of your reading led me to a place that I am already very aware of and wanting to walk down."

Janet: "You are awesome! Your insight is right on the money! Thanks again!"

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  • Reflection Card Reading with Essential Oils

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The Cabin

The Cabin is built from lumber, windows, and a door from my Great-Grandfather’s farm. There is seating for 7, a Quebec wood stove for the winter months (received from my Aunt), and a Meditation wheel which contains an Eagle feather, gifted to me by an Elder. Over the years, and including the history shared and passed down from my ancestors, the Cabin has become a Sacred Space, perfect for reflection, meditation, healing, and empowerment.
I look forward to sharing this amazing space with you during a Reflection Session.
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie

*Reflection Card Readings provide ideas and thoughts to contemplate and suggestions of essential oil applications to support “The Shift" on your wellness journey. It is not meant to direct, diagnose or heal.
I, Debbie Pribele, nor Young Living shall not be liable for any harm resulting from or in connection with reliance on any content of the reflection card reading or the use of the essential oils. The opinions expressed in this reading do not express the views or opinions of Young Living or Debbie Pribele. Young Living and Debbie Pribele do not endorse, are not responsible for, and make no representations regarding the content or its accuracy.