This morning on Facebook I was reminded of something that I shared three years ago and I reflected …and then I shared my thoughts in a Facebook Live video…and during the video a deeper insight was spoken by my voice and I listened, I reflected, and I learned. Oh how I love it when the Wisdom comes through me and I learn from what I have spoken!
Back to the memory shared: it was a Waltz that Sir Anthony Hopkins had written and fifty years later a symphony played it for the first time. Sir Anthony Hopkins got to hear is masterpiece, in all its glory, for the first time fifty years after he wrote it. The video was beautiful, the music was beautiful, and watching Sir Anthony’s face was beautiful. And then I reflected
I reflected on the time frame of this waltz playing out and I was reminded of a saying that if something didnt work out in the end that the end hasnt yet arrived - we need to be patient. (Or, perhaps, the end wasnt for us and we dont get to see the end result because it was for someone else.) Patience, releasing our timeframe for our actions to play out as we perceive them, is a key component of living a life of wellness. Living in this moment, not in a vision of the possibilities for the future. And then I thought about my essential oils.
I have been using Young Living's essential oil blend "Release" in the context of releasing self-imposed limitations etc, but this reflection, today, takes it to another level. When we release the ownership of something, release the need to see something play out as expected, and just let it naturally flow, we trust that it is and it shall be exactly what it is meant to be, in its own time. We can then move on to our next moment, our next action, living fully in the moment without being torn between the now and what we hope will happen in the future based on previous actions. Release; give it to the Universe to take care of, to unfold it.
And then…and then, during my Facebook Live, Wisdom was spoken by my Voice and I listened and I learned. As I talked about giving something to the Universe, I realized that when we contribute to the Greater Good, when we “GIVE" of our selves, when we GIVE our gift, our passion, our part of the Agaamashkode Debwe (Across the Fire Speaks the Truth), that our gift is no longer ours. When we give a gift to someone, it no longer belongs to us. When we GIVE of ourselves, when we contribute, that action, that contribution, that gift is no longer ours. It now belongs to the Universe, to the Greater Good, to the bigger picture.
Release: release ownership of that which we have given; release the expectation of our perception of how things should play out; release that moment, that action, that thought, that whatever and move on to the next moment, to this moment, to this possibility.
And, now, I let this go, as I give it to the Internet to connect with whomever it is to connect with. Release.

~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie