Today’s REFLECTION CARDS really had my mind working today and when talking about it in my Facebook Live video I had yet another “ah ha" moment, taking it to yet another level!
Today is the day that I get to meet my long-time stressor, the parking garage. Getting lost in and being chased in a parking garage has been a life-long nightmare that has troubled me since my first memories of life. I have been told that this nightmare could really be a carryover from a past life, or, because of the situation, it could be a future life experience! Isn’t that interesting! Regardless of where it comes from, first it is just a dream and secondly it is “that" and it isn’t “in this moment".
My reflection cards talked about stress release (using Young Living’s essential oil blend Stress Away) and about purification (another Young Living essential oil blend), releasing the negative emotions and barriers. The cards also spoke of trusting my inner self, my intuition, my Spiritual Self. All good advice for today.
After reflecting on the cards, this morning, I watched a video that added to the Wisdom of the cards. The message of the video was not to limit yourself by planning out the story but to live it “in the moment" and be open to what the Universe has to offer. Relating this to the parking garage situation, I could plan what I was going to do at each step along the way and how I was going to keep my brain “in the moment" and avoid the negative emotions. But, I bet that the Universe has a better plan if I just let it unfold. Also, from a previous video that I had watched, I need to just embrace the emotions as part of the journey and let those emotions just flow through me and not trap me in that moment.
Reflecting on all the above, I took the Wisdom and shared it in a Facebook Live and, without planning what I was going to say, I let my Spiritual Self speak and I had yet another “ah ha" moment. As I was talking about how I have identified the parking garage story, “Super Why" came to mind. What is that? It’s a children’s cartoon that teaches children to “change the story". For example, when asked why the wolf is so bad, he says that it is in his story: “the big bad wolf" and so they change the story so that he is something else (I can’t remember what it is, perhaps “the wolf who likes to play"). And so, I have an opportunity today to change the story about the parking garage. Previously, it has been “the nightmare"; as of today it is “a parking garage" and provides an opportunity to follow my Spiritual Self and Sacred Path rather than ego voice and, perhaps, to clear cellular memories and heal old wounds from a life other than this one. Phew.
Also during the Facebook Live, the topic of my husband’s death came into the conversation. My point was that when we keep part of ourselves attached to a traumatic event in the past then we aren’t “whole", here in this moment. Bringing the event, into the now as part of our story but without the intense emotional ties, we keep it as part of our story but one of learning, of growth, of Wisdom, and of empowerment and this enhances how we walk our path rather than putting up a barrier.
On a side note, it was interesting how muddled my thoughts became as I talked about my husband’s death. Mostly, I think, it was because it was an unexpected thought and I wasn’t sure how I was going to or should phrase things. But, I just kept going, trusting that I was meant to include it. That time of my life, of his life, is a whole other story and really can’t be captured in a couple sentences. I do want to reiterate what I said in the video: don’t do it! Talk about changing the story; his story ended; our story ended.
Now, back “in the moment", I have my parking garage adventure ahead of me, this blog is almost complete, and then, what will happen? Not quite sure. We will see what the Universe has in mind!

[Facebook Live Video: don’t block the Universe or your Spiritual Self from writing the story]
~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie