In the beginning, there was nothing - nothing except the possibility. And if there was a possibility for one thing, there was a possibility for all things. We are one of those things.
Man was created in the image of the Creator, not as in a human form but in the ability to envision the possibilities.
- from the Wisdom of Nokomis, an Ojibwe Elder

The Reflection Cards this morning spoke of the possibilities. Although we have the ability to envision the possibilities, we are also, often, restricted by our ego and by our physical being. Our ego has learned many things during our life here on earth and many lessons are based on an interpretation of an event and are applied to life as a whole. Along with perception of events, through the years we also gather labels that we apply to ourselves and to life around us. These perceptions become self-imposed limitations that block us from living up to our potential, from walking our Sacred Path, and from envisioning the possibilities that are grander that we can imagine with our ego mind.
Walking our Sacred Path, seeking Spiritual Wisdom, we must become of aware of the ego voice and peel back the layers of limitations. Also, as a Spiritual Seeker, as a Sacred Being, we need to trust the bigger picture, the Sacred picture. We need to believe that there is more possibilities than we can envision with our human mind.
Visualization and goal-planning are wonderful skills to help us walk our paths with intention and empowerment. Believing in the Sacred Possibilities takes us beyond these human visions and keeps us open to the opportunities that we haven’t thought of or planned for. Finding this balance allows us to co-create with the Great Mystery and live beyond that which we have imagined.

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~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie