Ah, yes, sleep - that treasured part of the day that many people, including me, struggle with acquiring!
This morning, on Facebook Live, I shared a bit of my story, regarding sleep, and how I use Young Living’s essential oils to support my body’s systems in the middle of the night. For me, I have three different sleep scenarios that play out:
  1. I wake up, go to the bathroom, and then go back to sleep in about five minutes. This is a good night!
  2. I wake up and lay there staring into the darkness, with no hope of falling back asleep. Not good.
  3. I wake up and my mind is going a mile a minute and the most amazing ideas are coming through. I am in the zone!
What I learned a long time ago was to not fight my body but to work with it and if middle-of-the-night-awake-time is a receptive time for me, filled with abundance of ideas, then I let it flow through me and I grab a pen and paper and record all the amazing thoughts. If, however, if I can’t fall back to sleep but it is not a time of abundant thoughts, then it is a time to support my body in relaxing so that it can rejuvenate itself, heal itself, and all the other wellness happenings that takes place during sleep.
So what do I do in the case of the scenario #2? Well, it’s time for Young Living wellness products. Health Canada has acknowledged the scientific studies that have been done that show how essential oils (and other Young Living wellness products) support the body to regain a calmative balance. For my Live Video, I found a dozen different oils that one can choose from, to find something that works for your body, to help your body find its balance.
Sleep is such an important part of our day. It is when our bodies do the most healing and rejuvenating, and is when our hormones are released to do their part in our wellness journey. Although different people have different amount of sleep requirements, in the end, we ALL need sleep! If you aren’t feeling rested and invigorated then you haven’t had enough z's.

~your Spiritual Seeker and Young Living Distributor, Debbie