Abundance is a beautiful thing. Many people associate abundance with financial income or the accumulation of “things". Yes, that is part of it but Abundance is so much more.
Soon after my journey began with Young Living, I purchased the essential oil blend “Abundance" and my life really did change. My circle of friends and acquaintances grew and my contact with those in my circles increased; my exploration of hobbies increased; my sense of “self" became stronger and more fulfilled. Now, over a year later, my abundance continues to grow and it has reached a new level of possibilities.
I often talk about the difference between the Spiritual Self and the ego self; part of the human journey is to come to know both of these and to strengthen the awareness and the power of the Spiritual Self. Abundance is about this journey - the abundance of awareness, the abundance of trust and belief, the abundance of empowerment, and the abundance of opportunities and possibilities of contributing to the Greater Good, through SELF.
Abundance is about getting to know one’s Self (and self) and to come closer and closer to the Sacred Path, to using our natural gifts and passions in whatever we do. Abundance is also about learning, respecting and utilizing or connection with all things - receiving, giving, and just being. As Sacred Beings we ARE all things; we are all the Sacred Possibility. As Sacred Beings we are like a single drop of water in the ocean and we are the ocean in its entirety, both at the same time.
I am the ocean and a single drop of water in that ocean; you are the ocean and a single drop of water in that ocean. I am SACRED; you are SACRED; I have a purpose, a gift, a passion, a path; you have a purpose, a gift, a passion, and path.
When we live true to our Spiritual Self, abundance flows.